Crystal Glass Tile is a beautiful way to get an expensive look at an affordable or discounted price compared to stone, porcelain or metal mosaic or other floor and wall tile.

Companies like Oceanside Glasstile, Bisazza, Southern Cross, Dal Tile, Villiglas all have beautiful stone tile for your projects. The main difference will usually be the price, availability of colors, and range of glass tile mosaics. All of these companies, however, manufacture and distribute a full range of beautiful glass mosaics and tile for all of your project requirements.

Whether your next project is a glass tile backsplash, shower or bath, or just a decorated wall, table or art, we give you the basic knowledge to do it yourself (DIY).

Glass tiles are frost proof, resistant to fading, discoloration, and chemical damage, and are impervious to water and stains. These properties make them suitable for home use, including backsplashes, swimming pools and spas, and various outdoor applications.

Because they contain glass, these tiles can also be more susceptible to chipping and cracking than ceramic tiles. They can disintegrate if they are not installed correctly, if placed in an area where they are exposed to sudden & extreme temperature change, or if they come in violent contact with hard metal objects. Always check with the manufacturer for specifications before you install.

This web site is designed to help you, the installer, to actually learn how to install glass tile, and post your results online. We welcome you to send us your project pictures of installed glass mosaics or tile and every month we will pick out the best installation based on creativity, design, and difficulty of the installation.

Please remember that a low price or low cost installation does not have to look cheap. It is very simple to install glass tile and create your own work of art at home.

We welcome you to our web site and hope your next glass tile installation is a success.